fredag 24. august 2012

Safari with Whiff of Joy

Hi everyone!

It´s been a little break for me because I have moved back to Norway. But I was just in time for Copic Marker Norways summer challenge! This time I didn´t make a card because everything has been packed down and ready to be shipped, so instead I created a frame with a masked animal photo. I used a frame that I bought in Thailand and it remind me a little bit of the jungle. 
When I did my photo I completley messed up my measurements and my photo was way bigger then the frame, so I had to cut away a lot of the work, and a tree that I draw on the right side. These are all stamps from Whiff of Joy. They are older stamps, but new for me. I just masked them all together and startet to draw around them. Under here you can see what it looks like without the frame, and this is even after I cut away over 5cm. In the bottom of the post you can see how I have used the blender.

I used a photo from this blog to show you what I did. I used my blender to make lighter colours of the one I have. (Like the photo shows). Since I am new to Copics I didn´t really know that many techniques but this one I knew. I used it to make the clouds and the shadows around all the animals. I will update my colours as soon as I find the litte paper that I wrote them down on. 

Have a great weekend! 

onsdag 22. august 2012

Coloring with Copics; Warm Grey, Cool Grey or Natural Grey?

Hi everyone! I, Henrikke, got a new tutorial for you today and I also made a card so you can see what we are making. I am completly new to copics, I just started three months ago, but since I love colouring in my Whiff of Joy images I already see which one I am going to use the most. I love colouring Henry in grey so today I have a little tutorial for you showing you how to colour him in (for beginners like my self) and which grey colour to chose. Here is the card that I made with my finish Henry. I  have used my favorite Henry-stamp so fare, "Henry with rocking horse". You wanna see more??? Jump over to the Whiff of Joy Tutorial Blog and enjoy! 


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