onsdag 11. desember 2013

Bird snack {Christmas gift}

Every year I try to make a little something for the people around me that I appreciate. Last year I made homemade taco spice and this year I made bird food in Christmas shapes. I also made a little tag (to the left) written in norwegian. It has a little poem and the recipe for the snack next to it. 

You need: 
500 gr of bird seeds
250 gr coconut butter

Melt the butter in a casserole and mix in the bird seeds. Use a spoon to put them into the little figures and either make a hole in them or put the tread in while it´s still not set. As you can see I have done both. Place them cold (either outside or in the fridge) until the butter is set and than hang them on the trees! ;-) 

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